The Salon

Cut & Style

Women                               60 and up 
Bang Trim                           15 and up 
Men                                     38 and up 


Girls Cut (under 12)                    35 and up
Boys Cut (under 12)                  25           
Boys Cut (teens)                         38 and up 

Women's Colour & Style 

Solid Colour*                        100 and up 
Colour & Foils*                     180 and up
Foils*                                    150 and up 
Shine Gloss                          40 and up 
Shine Gloss (incl. style)        60 and up
Corrective Colour - consultation recommended  
*cut not included


Hair Treatments

Protein Treatment                40 and up
Protein Tx. (incl. style)         60 and up 

Relaxers & Style

Classic Straightening*           150 and up 
Smoothing Treatment*           200 and up 
Complimentary Consultation & Estimate
*cut not included


Perm Enhancements

Basic Perm                            100 and up

Specialty Design  

Shampoo & Style                   30 and up 
Up-Do/Long Hair Design        70 and up


Men's Colour & Style 

Solid Colour                         70 and up 
Colour & Foils                      100 and up 


Additional Salon Services
Corrective Color
A consultation is required for corrective coloring.